Objective & Purpose

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Originally, the Foundation directed its efforts towards assisting needy orphans and other poor children, and towards such other helpful purposes as were approved by the Members and Directors. Over the years, however, the Foundation has tended to concentrate its activities in the field of education and now has as its primary purpose to assist needy college and postgraduate students who qualify for aid.

Assistance is given in the form of an interest-free loan. In considering applications, there is no distinction made as to sex, race or creed. Academic proficiency is a factor of importance, but need is given first consideration. The Board of Trustees also consider demonstrated self-reliance, character, willingness to assume responsibility and capacity for leadership, as evidenced by performance.

The amount of aid is dependent upon need. Parents (when applicable) are expected to assist an applicant to the full extent of their ability. Applicants applying for aid are expected to demonstrate that they have exhausted the opportunities for assistance in their local community and school.