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Student Loan Consolidation Online is designed to provide students with the information needed to make an educated decision about applying for a federal student consolidation loan.

CSPN: College savings

All states have created innovative college savings programs designed to meet the savings needs of their citizens. These programs seek to make the savings option easier for the average family. They represent positive and affordable options that can ensure the education of our most precious resources: the children of America. State sponsored savings plans promote planning for education expenses, saving for education expenses instead of relying on debt, reliance on family resources instead of total reliance on government aid programs and state-level planning designed to meet the differing needs in each state instead of a "one size fits all" national approach.

CSPN believes that more and more responsibility will fall on the families of our nation to pay for college costs. The American people want the opportunity to replace debt with savings and the states are delivering the dream. In 2001, state college savings programs gained federal tax-exemption for "529 Plans." States offer additional tax advantages. This web page is designed to link you to your states program and provide information about the association serving the state college savings plans.

Savings for College was founded in the Spring of 2000 by Joseph Hurley, a CPA. This web page dedicated to providing information on state-by-state tuition programs as well as other information on Qualified State Tuition Programs (QSTPs).

Upromise is a revolutionary college savings network sponsored by major corporations such as McDonalds, AOL, GM and endorsed by Senator Bill Bradly.

They've built a simple way to help families reach their college savings goals with a revolutionary network of contributing companies, family and friends, and leading investment firms - all working to help families afford a higher education for their children.